About the Artist

Mummy, artist, business director… living in the Cotswolds

Katherine Bryan-Merrett, aka Kat, is a professional mural artist based in Stroud. Kat hand paints high quality modern and traditional wall murals.

Predominantly based in the Cotswolds and southwest her work spans the country from London to Bristol and covers everything from residential to commercial requirements.

A qualified mural painter Kat designs a wide range of wall murals. They range from bold designs for kid’s rooms, to stylish contemporary murals for commercial spaces and everything in between.

For distinctive residential or commercial interiors Kat’s hand painted murals deliver. They are an exquisite way to showcase your individual personality, style or brand. Each one is custom-designed to your exact requirements.

In Her Own Words!

Do what you love and love what you do... that’s what inspired me to finally take off my directors hat and get back to my first love, painting!

It’s been a long time coming, i’ve distracted myself with running businesses for over a decade and working in a corporate arena. But now, two kids down the line, i have finally stepped back in – paint brushes blazing.

It’s as a mum that i realised how precious a home is. How unique and special it can be, and how we are always seeking for the perfect space, perfect escape from the world.

I wanted to make the most magical world for my children, to fuel their imagination, and build a haven for them. So i took out my dusty paintbrushes and started painting. 

When i saw their little faces light up, i just knew that this is what i have to do. What a joy to have that reaction and what a privilege to be able to turn their ideas into a reality.

I arrived at this from 20 years experience as a portrait artist, art tutor, arts events director and a mother of two little monkeys. Having done countless commissions, enjoyed numerous students, combined with a somewhat nerdy addiction to projects, it just all boiled down to this – painting murals! 

It feels like i have come full circle. As a child i used to draw all over the walls and drive my mum round the bend, and now i’m back drawing on the walls, but this time creating beautiful spaces with paintings to treasure.

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Custom designed!

After initial consultation, detailed colour designs will be made along with quote and expected time schedule.


We are go!

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