Mural Services

Wall murals are a great way to create an eye-catching decoration or feature either in a residential or commercial environment. They can bring a whole new atmosphere to your surroundings.
Whether creating an ambiance at home or in a workplace the flexibility of murals can complete your designs and stand out from the crowd.

Residential Interior Wall Murals

Work with Katherine to commission your own hand painted mural. Whether you want a whimsical children’s room or a chic home office space… get in touch with your ideas and lets make your space magic!

Commercial interiors

Making your commerical setting stand out from the crowd can be hard, with a mural you can create a unique and visitor worthy backdrop that engages your audience and illuminates your brand. FIND OUT MORE

Bespoke design

All murals are bespoke and hand painted by Katherine. I work with you to create your perfect mural. From wildlife to portraits, fairytale to florals, check out my gallery for examples of previous projects.

PR packages and events

Be different, be exciting, be engaging! Creating an event to pull in a crowd can be a challenge, why not do a live painting event with a series of workshops to engage your clients. FIND OUT MORE

Public spaces

Liven up a foyer or entrance hall, create a soothing environment in your waiting room, or a fun space in a community hall. Murals are a great way of adding a touch of magic. FIND OUT MORE