Process is key, and also lots of fun! It’s all about making sure we get everything we need to create your perfect mural


Lets get together and chat!

This is the most important to part of the project, to get a clear understanding of what your vision is.


Custom designed!

After initial consultation, detailed colour designs will be made along with quote and expected time schedule.


We are go!

You're happy with the designs, we have worked the dates, lets make mural dreams come true!

It’s all about the process!

We start with a FREE consultation to look through some ideas, colours, get an idea of the space, surface and budget.

Using simple resources like Pinterest is a great way to get us both on the same page. 

After some simple sketches, i do a detailed drawing to capture the design ideas, giving you a good understanding of what the mural will look like.

We finalise colours, materials and timeline

And i’m ready to paint!

Hummingbird and Magnolia

This interior mural was commissioned for a home in Cheltenham, Cotswolds. The client wanted something elegant and beautiful that worked with her colour palette of greys, antique gold and cream. The mural took a day to paint.